who is ryan luc?

A prophet to the people. Through his work, his music, and his personal aspirations…bringing messages to the people has always been the motive. “This isn’t something that just happened to me; it’s who I am.” Although he began making music as a way to express himself it later became something bigger. His music is his art and sheds light on a bigger piece of Ryan Luc, but with that he understands the importance of his impact on his listeners calling his words, “their voice”. “I make music to resonate. I tell their stories as well as my own.” A true storyteller, Ryan Luc uses his music as the ultimate test to vulnerability; nothing is off limits. If he’s felt it, he knows someone else felt it too and an opportunity to share any ounce of knowledge can’t go to waste. Using his pain, his passion and his pen, Ryan Luc won’t stop until he has what’s meant for him. As a master at manifestation and word play he truly can do no wrong, speaking the highest of praises on himself and his people through the sounds coming through your speakers. So again we ask, who is Ryan Luc? The artist, the wordsmith, the man of the people. It’s Luc.

Ryan Luc

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