Ryan Luc

who is ryan luc?

Numerous inner city and outer city shows , Performed in studio (Red Room Suites) for Roc Nation A&R “Polo” as apart of Coast to Coast Live in Brooklyn,NY . Other out of area shows include Newark, NJ as a competitor at “The Next Big Showcase”. Richmond, VA performing at “Strange Matter” multiple times and locally a regular at “Shakas Live!” located on the Virginia Beach ocean front opening up for Breeze Park and Camp Lo . Ryan Luc also appeared on Battle Music Entertainment (BME) a Local Independent record label that host its own television show on channel 4. Even with all that being said, who is Ryan Luc? Where did he come from? How did I end up reading this in the first place? 

Two years ago that paragraph you read earlier would be extremely false if this Virginia rapper didn’t step it up a notch. Ryan Luc out of Chesapeake,Va does absolutely nothing but use inspiration to its truest form through honesty . His music takes on another life of its own and in simple terms “wise beyond years”. His first introduction into music was junior year of high school in a group called DopeKidz. A few years later the group fell apart and the Question was asked what now? At that moment Luc knew that it was time for a new journey , one that was built from the ground up in his image and a road that he can only travel. Motivated by family , friends and his fans he went on to pursue a solo career as a hip hop artist. Now one of the most diverse at his craft he looks to continue to elevate and ensure the people that he is no fluke.

With an extensive catalog of music on SoundCloud, Relatable mixtapes, and even a single on ITunes, Luc has made it clear he will continue to elevate.